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Daddy update (#2)

Having lowered his temperature, the Intensive Care Unit slowly brought Daddy back up again this this morning. They tried yesterday but he became distressed.

He woke up again and tried to talk to us. This was difficult with the tube still down his throat. We had to go out again while they removed it, which apparently takes at least three doctors.

He wanted to know where he was. What time it was. What had happened. He doesn't remember anything.

He said his chest was sore. He my have cracked a rib. This may have been me.

So it looks like he will pull through.



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10th Jan, 2015 16:33 (UTC)
*hugs* My thoughts are with you and your family.
11th Jan, 2015 03:28 (UTC)
Oh I am so glad for you all {hugs}
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