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Technology (#7 in the series)

Who says I never use my Linux machine? According to Judy, my Linux machine, I was logged on as recently as 19 December. Actually, I am logged on to it right now.

To get around the keyboard and mouse problem - which I think requires Jessica (the win2K machine)to be switched on first - I plugged in a wireless keyboard and mouse that I bought. Then it wanted to gripe about the monitor too so I plugged the monitor in direct. I know that the monitor works with the KVM because it was working earlier today. Actually, this keyboard and mouse aren't too bad at all.

Judy is slow. She takes ages to start up - maybe as long as Jessica - and then every application seems to take a long time to get running. She uses Fedora these days. I have OpenOffice and Mozilla. In a pinch, this should be a usable machine. A few packages could be installed. Starting with the stupid Mozilla Prefbar. Judy could also use a decent LiveJournal client.

I had some trouble with the network configuration. Judy needed to be told about the new setup here. I changed it and arrrgghh still doesn't work. I couldn't ping the router. had a look under the desk. Sure enough, Judy is not plugged in to the switch. Then I have a search for a network cable. There are three spare cables here: a 30 cm cable, a 1 metre cables and a 10 metre cable. (Make them at work to odd sizes from a big reel.) Well, 10 m is too long and 1 m, well it might have just made it but I decided to swap the cable with the one on the MacIntosh. After a bit of swearing and cursing, Sandy and Judy are both connecting okay.

The biggest annoyance with Judy is that the screen resolution is 1024 x 768 and it won't let me put it up higher, so everything looks big.

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