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In Canberra we have the National Softball Centre in Hawker, a world-class softball facility with at least three first-class diamonds with night flood lighting, and six more softball fields. I've never been to see a game though.

There was a seven-game test between Australia and Japan last week, so went to see four games. Two games I saw were real thrillers, with one going to a ninth inning tie breaker. The last game went down to the bottom of the seventh, with the score tied at five all. An Australian runner was heading for home and the Japanese outfield threw the ball to the catcher. The Australian then doubled back, so the catcher threw to third base - and missed. The Australian runner then spun around and scored a run, winning the game.

Australia lost the test though, five games to two. Japan is ranked second in the world, and both sides were trying out players, as they needed to trim their rosters for the World Championships. Although softball is still an Olympic sport, it has been dropped from the schedule for 2012, because the British do not play it.
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