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Phone call at home from Peter. He is trying to put the Chief of Army's conference papers from last year together. My paper is now completely covered in red marks as we try and get it to make sense. He had his list of corrections, I had my list of corrections and we gradually merged it together. Biggest problem: MS Word has turned fractions into single characters, intelligible only to Microsoft's crap character set and they went west when the paper was ported to the MacIntoshes at the University. If they'd asked I would have submitted it in MacIntosh Word format. Unfortunately, I'm terrible at proofreading my own stuff. But we have now cleaned it up.

Someday, maybe even this year, the conference papers will be published. This will look good, my first appearance in print outside Fanfic and Footnotes. Apparently, Army has decided that the New Guinea Campaign should be studied at the staff college. Why? I'm not sure but until now a major obstacle to that has been the lack of books on the topic. I do hope my chapter on logistics proves useful. If I was writing it today, it would be a little different. I actually understand the campaign pretty well now and could draw out the correct conclusions from the campaign. Anyhow, the thesis itself will be available one day.


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23rd Apr, 2004 10:52 (UTC)
I winceth on your behalf. This is why I *don't* have microsoft word on my machine...
23rd Apr, 2004 18:41 (UTC)
That would certainly be one good reason. Off-hand, I can think of many more, having had to use it for major work projects:
  • It it subject to viruses. These require checking, anti-virus software and vigilance.
  • It contains additional information in the binary that can be hard to remove and, in a business context, you might not want the recipient to see.
  • It has problems with locking when the same document is being edited by diverse hands.
  • Sometimes the formatting can be well-nigh impossible to control
  • Some of its features are laughably badly written. Don't for example, attempt to transform an MS Word document into HTML using MS Word; use MS Frontpage instead.
I will put my reasons for using it anyway into another post.

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