hawkeye (hawkeye7) wrote,

High School Reunion

Returned to the Old School for the first time after an absence of an embarrassingly large number of years for my high school reunion.

There was brief tour of the place courtesy of the current headmaster, who was actually a few years behind us at school. I can report that with the exception of a few buildings that have been extensively refurbished, the physical infrastructure of the place has been completely demolished and rebuilt. It's impossible to tell how different the place is culturally.

The reunion was a small one. Despite the best efforts of one of my former classmates, it was attended by only a dozen of so alumni, out of a graduating class of about eighty. A very small indeed, but probably overrepresented group, chose to send their children to the school. They, of course, still live in the old neighbourhood. It seems that most of my year want nothing more to do with the place.

For me, there was always a clear distinction between the people and the place. The place I feel deeply ambivalent about. The people, I was happy enough to see once again. Part of my own engagement with the past.
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