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The Tragedy Of Fromelles

"It is unfair to judge the Great War generals, as some still do, in the light of the knowledge we have today. We cannot blame them for failing to see the future of warfare with perfect clarity.

But the mistakes that were made at Fromelles don't fall into that category. They were timeless mistakes, mistakes that would have appalled Julius Caesar or Stonewall Jackson."

Great-hearted men in tragedy at Fromelles


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28th Jul, 2010 11:07 (UTC)
I think it's hard - if not near impossible - for us to comprehend the scale of those wars and the numbers who died every day... we do live in a time when it's far away from us, where one soldier actually is a tragedy instead of a statistic.

We're lucky...

But the blindness that led to useless bloodshed like this... still hurts.
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