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Thesis Update

Long weekend coming up, so I can attempt to finish off a thesis chapter or two. To do this I was desperately searching the War memorial for something on the Markham Valley. At the very last minute I found what I had been looking for. Brigadier Ivan Dougherty had written up a report on the campaign and it includes seven pages on administrative matters! Very progressive write-up; he uses Fuller's Principles of War, which came into vogue in the 1920s, as a framework. I could write a whole essay on the differences between the American and Australian interpretations of these principles.

The report contains lots of the sort of stuff that had its WWI counterparts so often destroyed by the British. For example: "[General Vasey] wanted to continue with his plan, it being his custom to persevere with his original conceptions regardless of changing circumstances". I had to get the War Memorial staff to photocopy the report it for me on the spot, as the Research Centre probably won't be open next Saturday.

New Millenium gave me some free bandwidth to download war diaries from the War Memorial, so I'm downloading the infantry battalions. So far they have put 22 of them up online, which means about 40 more to go. Usually, the smaller the unit, the less interesting the War Diary. And the decision to go to colour makes each diary around 500MB in size. Procedure is: download, roll off onto CD-RW, put them onto Jessica's hard disk, merge the PDFs back into volumes and then roll them off onto DVD.
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