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Comic Book of the Month

This month is Detective Comics.

Main story features Batwoman (Kathy Kane), a homosexual Gotham city socialite who likes to dress up as a bat and fight crime. (Never seen anyone like that before, right?) But the story is crisp and the art is just beautiful. Often slightly out of sync, the two do a wondrous dance together.


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28th Nov, 2009 21:39 (UTC)
That is some awesome art.
29th Nov, 2009 00:07 (UTC)
The artwork is beautiful. I particularly admire the rendering of textures, like the sheen of the vinyl, the roughness of the stone, the puddle of water, and the starkness of the metal ladder. The central layout, of course, is in the shape of a bat.

What most impresses me most about it is that it is not merely a matter of pretty pictures. In comic book form, the art has a story to tell. The sample is a story fragment that would appear in many, many stories: the hero questions some minor felon. But somehow, this is re-imagined and rendered in a novel and quite memorable way. In story or art, that is always an achievement.
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