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Technology (#6 in the series)

A bit of drama from the new DVD burner. (One day I hope to upgrade without drama.) The Jessica computer wouldn't power up. After the regulation period of panic, it was discovered that the power cable had come loose from the motherboard. Such a pity that you have to remove the power supply just to add a new device but even then it involves a few feats of dexterity unless you want to unplug everything and I really didn't, no.

If the power supply had died, I would have swapped it with a spare from the office but if the motherboard had gone, I would have been really unhappy, for a change of mobo would almost certainly have involved changing the case as well and probably tinkering with the drivers and BIOS too (never my strong suit).

Loss of thesis work is always a concern because I am so lazy and hate retyping. Weekly backup is on Zip, monthly on CD (which takes longer and more effort to update). Work could then resume on on one of the other machines, although none of them runs (or indeed, can run) MS Office 2000.

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