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Canberra gets weirder

A bizarre protest in Canberra at the weekend. Danny Nalliah, the head of Catch the Fire ministries, best known for his theory that abortion laws are responsible for bushfires, discovered that Canberra witches' covens had established an altar for blood sacrifices on Mount Ainslie. So he set with a group of about 50 followers to exorcise it. His Christian group was met by protesters from four separate groups: pagans, atheists, sex workers and gay rights activists. Weird scenes followed.

What the hex is going on?


20th Oct, 2009 06:12 (UTC)
I'm now an atheist who occasionally follows the FSM, but if being a wiccan means you can get politicians to act rationally, that must be worth looking into. Because that's more power than Buffy, the Charmed ones and Xena ever dreamed of.