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Clean Coal

GetUp! sent me a request for a handout so they could run a rebuttal campaign to the coal industry's lobbying effort. I chipped in a few bucks. They were hoping to raise $50,000 for their campaign; they got more than three times that amount. The internet really is an amazing place sometimes.



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16th Oct, 2009 09:06 (UTC)
Good for you!

I know coal is a big lobby in Australia - and it will be expensive to covert to other forms of power, but the concept of clean coal is pretty flawed.
16th Oct, 2009 20:29 (UTC)
I'll say. Coal accounts for around 20% of the nation's exports by value. This represents about 28% of the world's total exports of coal, making Australia the world's largest exporter. About 80% of our electricity is generated from coal. Roughly a third of this is from brown coal, of which we have at least 1,000 years' supply.
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