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Comic Book of the Month

Once again, the comic book of the month is the Secret Six.

The Secret Six are a bunch of super-villains for hire. In structure, the group is similar to Blake's 7, although they are not nearly as chummy as the Liberator crew:
Blake - Catman (The noble rebel type. Has the hots for a prominent Gotham superheroine. But don't we all...)
Avon - Deadshot (He's a cynical mercenary. "Why am I with this bunch of idiots?" he asks himself, then answers his own question: "Because I'm an idiot too.")
Vila - Ragdoll (The archetypical castrated male. In Ragdoll's case, literally.)
Gan - Bane (Big hairy tough guy. Useful for moving furniture etc)
Jenna - Scandal (She's a lesbian, so she's the natural leader of the group.)
Cally - Jeanette (Close to Scandal, bonks Deadshot, crushes skulls of low-lifes...)

For a book written by a woman (American Gail Simone) and drawn by one (Australian Nicola Scott) is really is quite a blokey book, frequently centring around the relationship between Catman and Deadshot.

This month's story guest stars Wonder Woman and Artemis, who are trying to rescue fellow Amazons of the lost tribe of Bana-Mighdall, who are being held in some hell-hole in the Caribbean by evil-doing creeps hired by the US government. Bad guy in chief Mr Smyth has done a deal with the devil (literally). He's also hired the Secret Six, which looks like a really big mistake to me.

Secret Six Vol. 2 VariousSee More Secret Six Vol. 2 Various at IGN.com

"It's not as base as its sounds," says Ragdoll. "I barely miss my little gentlemen, and my pants look so much less lumpy! And they have look-alikes now! In flavours!"
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