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For those who haven't heard of them, Birthers are people who cannot accept that Barack Obama is a natural born American, because he is black and intelligent, and everyone knows that real Americans are white and stupid.

You'll never guess what proof they want to see now.



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27th Aug, 2009 21:45 (UTC)
And man, the scary part is the idiots wanting to make circumcision mandatory. Studies have proved the exact opposite of the one they quote, where it increased the risk of infection. It should certainly not be done without the parents' request. Frankly, the only reason I can see for doing it is if it's part of your religion.
27th Aug, 2009 21:52 (UTC)

There. Are. No. Words.
28th Aug, 2009 08:19 (UTC)
I posted the link on cat_macros. They should be able to find some choice words for this...
28th Aug, 2009 20:54 (UTC)
And I was right, too. Go check out the great macros they made in honor of the occasion.
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