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My holiday

Thursday 16 July Left work early and drove to Sydney. The M5 has been extended in recent years so that it is possible to drive all the way from Canberra to Sydney on dual lane carriageway. The Eastern Distributor drops me off a stone's throw from the hotel. Google maps is of limited use as it doesn't understand Sydney's one-way streets or "no turn here" signs.
Friday 17 July Had to get up early and drive back to Mascot Airport to collect partly_bouncy. After returning to Sydney we took a walk through the city centre, having a look at the Sydney Opera House. Found Hyde park full of flying foxes. In the afternoon, took the ferry across to Manly. Saw some whales on the way back.
Saturday 18 July Took the monorail out to Darling Harbour and had a look at the Maritime Museum and the Powerhouse Museum.
Sunday 19 July Had a look at the Harbour Bridge and the Rocks. The Aroma Coffee Festival was on. Saw the construct a Mona Lisa from freshly brewed coffee. In the afternoon, had a look at the Taronga Park Zoo, travelling there by harbour ferry. Dinner at the Rocks.
Monday 20 July Drove back to Canberra. Had a look at the Institute of Sport.
Tuesday 21 July Visited the Capital Planning Exhibition. Drove through the embasseys in Yarralumba. Collected a bicycle from Mark. Replaced the rear tube, swapped the clip pedals with the spare set and adjusted the seat for partly_bouncy, making bicycle rides possible.
Wednesday 22 JulyVisited the Parliament House and the Democracy Museum. (It is unlikely that this would be so called today, now that democracy involves torturing people.)
Thursday 23 July National Archives and the High Court.
Friday 24 July National Film and Sound Archives and the Australian National University. late night shopping.
Saturday 25 July Trip down to Bateman's Bay.
Sunday 26 July War Memorial.
Monday 27 July Trip down to Jindabyne, visiting Snowy Mountain Hydro in Cooma.
Tuesday 28 July Portrait Museum. Saw a movie, "Red Cliffs". can't help wondering what the full two-part version was like.
Wednesday 29 July Visited Stromlo Forest Park, then Tidbinbilla. Had to stop to let wild emus cross the road.
Thursday 30 July Questacon.
Friday 31 July National Galley. One last bike ride before returning bike to Mark's place in Tuggeranong. He lives in wooden house on quite a hill. Driving back up Majura Road, we find thousands of kangaroos. So much for the big cull. Christmas in July with the crowd from work, with a show celebrating Buddy Holly.
Saturday 1 August Drive down to Melbourne. Lots of road work going on due to the economic stimulus, so one day it may be dual-carriage all the way from Sydney to Melbourne. Only saw the cops twice, which is a record for a trip down the Hume Highway.
Sunday 2 August Drove along Beach Road, where the Sunday cyclists are out in force. Visited the markets along the Esplanade and shopping in the city. Dinner with my sister, brother in law and nieces, and saw Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince.
Monday 3 August Visited the Melbourne Cricket Ground. Took a tram ride around the city. That evening, went out to St Kilda to see the penguins.
Tuesday 4 August Trip to Healesville Sanctuary.
Wednesday 5 August Dropped partly_bouncy off at Tullamarine Airport. Bought an iPhone.
Sunday 8 August Drove back to Canberra.


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18th Aug, 2009 01:33 (UTC)
Saw a movie, "Red Cliffs". can't help wondering what the full two-part version was like.
What was the abridged version like?
18th Aug, 2009 11:36 (UTC)
It was still quite long. It was a war movie rather than a martial arts movie, although set in ancient China. It was very much a Chinese take on warfare, in which the canny strategist works out scheme after crafty scheme to defeat the much larger enemy at every turn. In the end, there is a lot of mayhem.
18th Aug, 2009 08:35 (UTC)
You did get a lot done :)

What exhibitions did they have at the Maritime Museum? I'm very fond of that one, they do some wonderful unusual ones...
18th Aug, 2009 11:38 (UTC)
There was one on Charles Darwin (the New South Wales Library also had a Darwin exhibit) and a very good one on the evolution of swimwear. partly_bouncy and I agreed that she won't wear the teeny bikinis, and I'm not wearing Borat's mankini.
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