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It finally happened! I bought an iPhone! Trying it out now...

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7th Aug, 2009 00:28 (UTC)
Some apps you might be interested in:
Stanza: free ebook reader, quite good
imeem: free streaming music, tailored to your tastes
iiQuotaLite: track your phone quota
Koi Pond: pretty. And a neat fluid dynamics application.
AroundMe: what restaurants/shops/etc are near you?
MotionX GPS Lite: good GPS software
PWAU Lite: A much better weather app than the built-in one
7th Aug, 2009 21:20 (UTC)
Thanks for that! I have already installed LiveJournal and have downloaded some of the others.
7th Aug, 2009 02:41 (UTC)
Damnit. :P I tried to make you get one while I was there.

Did you go with Optus?
7th Aug, 2009 02:51 (UTC)
I brought the iPhone outright from Apple. It currently has the Telstra SIM in it. I'll probably talk to Optus about a data plan when I get back to Canberra but at the moment, it is connecting to the internet via the wireless access point here.
7th Aug, 2009 20:11 (UTC)
Sounds smart. I wish the US was like that. We can only get AT&T which is a bitch. No fun. And AT&T sucks monkey balls. :(
7th Aug, 2009 22:01 (UTC)
Buying it outright also lets me salary sacrifice it.
8th Aug, 2009 18:51 (UTC)
Sounds logical. Have I mentioned the total racket they have in the US that makes options like that a pain in the ass? (Or why I would love one but could never get one...)
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