June 14th, 2005

Book Girls

Thesis update

I've laid out the material for the demi-chapter on Aitape but didn't do anything on it today. Instead, I took Chapter 3 in to Jeff, so he now has the first nine. Then I went on a word-trimming exercise through the footnotes. Some 1,500 words were recovered at no cost but this is just a drop in the bucket. A more severe cut-back effort is required but will have to wait until Jeff gets around to reading the chapters he has. In the meantime, I can proceed with Chapter 10 or 11.

US Senate Apologises for Lynchings

Yesterday, the US Senate apologised for failing to legislate against lynching. Although seven presidents petitioned Congress to end lynchings and nearly 200 anti-lynching bills were introduced in the first half of the 20th century, of which the House passed three anti-lynching measures between 1920 and 1940, the Senate passed none. Instead, senators used the filibuster to block all such legislation, consuming about six months of time in the process. Some 4,700 lynchings were recorded, in 46 states, with Mississippi topped the list with 581 documented incidents between 1882 and 1968.