July 26th, 2004


Bye Bye Bob

Got up at 5am, drove out to Bob's place and then dropped him off at the airport. He's off to Canada, so I should see him there.

Pulled the microwave oven I won in the raffle a few weeks back out from under the stairs for shipment to Little Boo. Move crap (mostly old lecture notes from the early 1990s) from the wardrobe to under the stairs. Filled the space with stuff from the top drawer of the filing cabinet -- mostly old Macintosh backups on floppy disks from the early 1990s. (Anyone want to buy a Macinosh SE?) Obviously, this stuff needs to be culled. Finally, moved about 60cm of thesis photocopies from the floor into the filing cabinet. The old thesis occupied only one drawer. The new nearly fills two.
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