May 28th, 2004


Footnotes again

Took Wednesday off work and attended a seminar at ADFA on footnoting. Incredibly, footnotes account for around 20% of the entire thesis, so this is a reasonable thing to look at carefully. The biggest problem is that attribution isn't enough. They also want you to quote when you use exact words. And they don't want to see a lot of quotation marks, ie they want you saying what others have said in your words. Fine if their words are mostly waffle but tough when dealing with historians who use words honed to a razor's edge. Paraphrasing can easily lead to error. Worse, when you go through later tidying up the grammar, the possibility exists that you will change to the same words.

Every footnote is going to have to be rechecked and there are hundred of them.

I'm doomed.
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The Traveller Prepares

Mum and Dad are here for the weekend. They brought back a whole box full of videos and DVDs that my nieces borrowed.

Got an email from Homer. He still hasn't gotten permission to put his trailer on his land.

I decided to take six weeks off to work on the thesis. Probably four weeks of this will be in the US and Canada. Actually I don't quite feel like it at the moment but still... It looks like August will be the month. All the guys at work want to take July off, as it is school holidays. I said August was fine, No Big... I'm really unsure about where I will go... I shall have to revisit Washington DC and travel to various other sites in the general area. Let me see... there is the Carlisle Barracks, Pa; Fort McNair, DC; the Washington Navy Yard... perhaps the MacArthur Museum in Norfolk... I'd like to visit the Hoover Presidential library but it is in Iowa. Wish I knew someone in the vowel states.
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