March 15th, 2004


Sattelberg taken

Thanks to a Long Weekend here in Canberra, I have finally finished the Chapter on Finschhafen, begun on Christmas Eve last year! The first draft is 44 pages long with 11,940 words, 179 footnotes, 2 maps and 11 photographs. Admittedly, it's a month overdue and several pages and around 2,000 words too long but I think it is pretty good, and it sure contains everything but the kitchen sink.

I've just printed it out on the Brother HL-5040 Laser printer that I had work buy me in lieu of a machine upgrade. A fine trade, as the others have had problems with the new memory and motherboards.

Mum rang me up with a problem with the old TI Microlaser printer, which I left at her place. It had run out of toner. She had attempted to print on the Lexmark Inkjet instead, but it has only a colour ink cartridge in it - no black one. Why? Because that costs around USD $40 for a crappy printer worth little more than twice that! And its only good for 300 pages! I had a firm in Brisbane ship a replacement toner cartridge to her for the TI for around USD $20, a third of which went to Australia Post. And it's good for 3,000 pages minimum.
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