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My mum's blood test says that it was a cardiac incident after all, so they are admitting her to hospital and will be keeping her under observation for 3-5 days.


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5th Jul, 2009 22:49 (UTC)
5th Jul, 2009 23:29 (UTC)
I hope she'll be okay. Sending (((get well vibes))).
5th Jul, 2009 23:35 (UTC)
Best wishes for her.
6th Jul, 2009 00:19 (UTC)
:( Not good. If there is anything I can do to help, let me know. :/
6th Jul, 2009 06:26 (UTC)
My best wishes to both of you, Hawkeye.
6th Jul, 2009 12:49 (UTC)
Glad she's in the hospital. This happened recently to a friend of mine - his partner insisted he went in for checks after he had chest pains, which meant he was in the right place for immediate treatment when it turned into a heart attack. He's made a very good recovery, but I hope her case develops in a more reassuring manner.
6th Jul, 2009 16:11 (UTC)
Oh bugger. Here's me hoping she gets well again soon.
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