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Longest Night of the Year

Actually, that was last week. I have a long event queue. There is a lemming rush on at work. From now on the days will be getting longer.

Canberra has been very cold. Nights are subzero (-3C) and days (8C) have not been much better. Also, there has been some days and nights of pea-soup fog. The other night I missed the turn into my own street in the fog.


28th Jun, 2009 10:32 (UTC)
Not much fun... I remember what seemed like never ending winter in Chicago this past year where it seemed like the temperature was always between -20C to -10C and it would get up to 0C just so it could snow. (Now it is hot and sticky and I'm whiny about that too.) Cold can be suck. :) But YAY! for longer days. :D

Missing your own street is pretty bad. :(