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8th Jun, 2009

Gacked from partly_bouncy

hawkeye7's Dewey Decimal Section:

025 Library operations

hawkeye7 = 81315557 = 813+155+57 = 1025

000 Computer Science, Information & General Works

Encyclopedias, magazines, journals and books with quotations.

What it says about you:
You are very informative and up to date. You're working on living in the here and now, not the past. You go through a lot of changes. When you make a decision you can be very sure of yourself, maybe even stubborn, but your friends appreciate your honesty and resolve.

Find your Dewey Decimal Section at Spacefem.com



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8th Jun, 2009 03:18 (UTC)
Seems like it fits what I know about you. :)
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