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Star Trek

Been to see Star Trek last week.

I think perhaps my hopes had been built up a bit from other people...

I watched ST:TOS many years back. My boyhood friend Enno was a bit of a Trekkie, a real fan of Spock. I always preferred Kirk.

The Good:
* Karl Urban (from Xena) as Dr McCoy. He was great.
* Good performances also from the folks who played Spock, Uhura, Scotty and the Green Chick.
* The guy in the red shirt. Dies. Horribly.

The Bad:
* Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman (the two guys that stuffed up the fifth series of Xena and got it cancelled). Here, they attempt to reboot Star Trek. I hate reboots! I despise writers who want to wipe everything that went before and start again! That's just utterly unimaginative writing. Admittedly, we kept (almost) all the characters.
* Plot holes big enough to drive the biggest Romulan mining ship through. Why is the probe that wrecks the planet is so easy to destroy? Why do radios work when all communications are out? Why doesn't everyone teleport the moment the disruption is switched off? Why is there no other ships on Earth or Vulcan? Why is a mining ship so heavily armed? And of all the places on a whole planet to land, how come Kirk lands right next to Spock? (He doesn't even believe this plot device himself!)

The Ugly:
* Incredibly ostentatious, intrusive and gratuitous product placement from a mobile phone company I used to work for.
* Captain Kirk gets instantly promoted to captain, without even graduating from the Academy. Give me a break!

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