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Star Trek

Been to see Star Trek last week.

I think perhaps my hopes had been built up a bit from other people...

I watched ST:TOS many years back. My boyhood friend Enno was a bit of a Trekkie, a real fan of Spock. I always preferred Kirk.

The Good:
* Karl Urban (from Xena) as Dr McCoy. He was great.
* Good performances also from the folks who played Spock, Uhura, Scotty and the Green Chick.
* The guy in the red shirt. Dies. Horribly.

The Bad:
* Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman (the two guys that stuffed up the fifth series of Xena and got it cancelled). Here, they attempt to reboot Star Trek. I hate reboots! I despise writers who want to wipe everything that went before and start again! That's just utterly unimaginative writing. Admittedly, we kept (almost) all the characters.
* Plot holes big enough to drive the biggest Romulan mining ship through. Why is the probe that wrecks the planet is so easy to destroy? Why do radios work when all communications are out? Why doesn't everyone teleport the moment the disruption is switched off? Why is there no other ships on Earth or Vulcan? Why is a mining ship so heavily armed? And of all the places on a whole planet to land, how come Kirk lands right next to Spock? (He doesn't even believe this plot device himself!)

The Ugly:
* Incredibly ostentatious, intrusive and gratuitous product placement from a mobile phone company I used to work for.
* Captain Kirk gets instantly promoted to captain, without even graduating from the Academy. Give me a break!



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24th May, 2009 20:10 (UTC)
I've been seeing lots of people I resepct babbling happily about the movie, but when I look at the actual details of plot, characterisation, etc., I remain unimpressed. I will likely watch it once it can be petitioned from the internet fairies, but I'm not excited about seeing it.

24th May, 2009 21:08 (UTC)
I regard it as an AU rather than a reboot, and anyway AU's are canon in ST.

Yeah, there are huge plot holes and lots of bad science (magic red matter, slow supernovas, and Vulcan seen from another planet; if that was a moon, it would have been sucked in too), and I object to them having the Romulans in mourning baldness and tattoos without explaining it (apparently that was from a comic book, having hardly any women, and still keeping Uhura in a sodding mini skirt when it's an AU, dammit. She deserves the dignity of a uniform like everyone else's.

And then there are the blinding bloody lens flares. Added with people standing off-screen and waving torches, so there's no chance of a flare-free version. Oy.

However Spock was amazing, all the others were great but for Chekhov's perm, and somehow they captured the feel of Star Trek. Hey, at least they didn't turn it all dark, gritty and sweary.
24th May, 2009 21:58 (UTC)
About the science: it's bloody Hollywood SF, they never ever bother to get the science right if it gets in the way of a pretty plot device. This movie was no worse than others in that regard and in some cases actually better. They kept space silent, which I'm fairly sure is an absolute first for a space opera.

I didn't mind the reboot so much, since there was some actual plot to accompany it. ST has been rebooted before with much less thought given to it. I did think afterwards that the whole reboot can quite easily be undone later on: old Spock tells young Spock where he went wrong. Young Spock goes on with his life until he becomes old Spock and then proceeds to do the whole chuck the red matter into the sun thing right. The baddy never loses his home world or his wife and never gets transported back in time. George Kirk doesn't get killed and Vulcan doesn't get destroyed. Which would mean that Spock, not having met his older self, would no longer know he'd get it wrong and so he will get it wrong again. And this is starting to give me a headache...

Plot holes? Well, erm that probe is a peaceful mining tool, so when it was constructed the construction company didn't do so with defenses against space battles in mind? The radios aren't subspace and the rest of the communications are and the jamming is only in subspace? The transporter is still pretty new and locking on takes time? The other ships were lured away to the klingon border and the rest sent to Vulcan and destroyed? The mining ship may have some light defenses against pirates, which are superweapons compared to the most modern weapons of the time it was transported back to? And, erm, well, erm, I dunno...

I didn't notice the product placement and have no idea which phone company actually appeared in the movie, so in my case they might as well not have bothered. And hey, he's James T. Kirk and he just saved the Earth by disregarding orders, proper procedure and anything else he could find to disregard. Nuff said... (ducks)
24th May, 2009 22:46 (UTC)
Yep, plot-holes. Yep, crap science. Yep, mini-skirts.

I still liked it a lot. Uhura was awesome. Spock was Spock. McCoy was great. Kirk was believable.
24th May, 2009 23:17 (UTC)
I thought it played more like Star Wars than Trek. Youngsters in fast cars. Coming-of-age plotline. Alien monsters on icy planets. Chases and explosions.

I enjoyed it.

I wasn't so much put out by Kirk getting promoted to Captain as by Spock, who showed at least as much bravey and judgement, apparently getting no reward.
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