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It seems that the latest craze is Dreamwidth.

This is a new fangled blog. It has some limited cross posting options. It requires an invite to create a Dreamwatch account. I don't have an invite, so I do not have and cannot get a Dreamwidth account.

If you move to Dreamwidth, go ahead. Feel free to de-friend me.


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25th Apr, 2009 23:23 (UTC)
You could probably get an invite if you ask around. I'm not even trying. I just haven't the energy to learn a whole new thing. But if LJ goes under or kicks me out, I'd probably try Dreamwidth (I think in future it'll be easier to get an account).
(Deleted comment)
25th Apr, 2009 23:36 (UTC)
Glad to hear it.
(Deleted comment)
26th Apr, 2009 00:44 (UTC)
I'll only go if everyone else does... the pax Americana aspect (which fandom does tend to go every so often) annoys me, as well as the relentness pimping (I admit, I am the world's worst pimpee, it always gets my back up, and fandom tends to do it in the most grating ways...)

Most of the people on my flist who are setting up over there are only using it as a backup, or are crossposting, so I doubt I'll be going anywhere.
26th Apr, 2009 04:26 (UTC)
That's certainly what I'm doing: backup and regular importing from LJ to DW. It's a bolthole, and it looks as if it'll be a popular one if it's ever needed. I'm be delighted if it's not though as I have a lot of involvement here.
26th Apr, 2009 01:11 (UTC)
OpenID 2.0
LJ supports OpenID but Dreamwidth does not.
26th Apr, 2009 04:24 (UTC)
Re: OpenID 2.0
The reverse, surely.
26th Apr, 2009 09:51 (UTC)
Re: OpenID 2.0
Nope. LJ supports OpenID 2.0 but Dreamwidth does not. Give it a try yourself.

I've raised a bug report.

Comments by the team:

(Note that LJ will let me bookmark your comment but Dreamwidth cannot. It's not as feature rich. But I'm not raising Bug reports on "nice to have" stuff.)

26th Apr, 2009 09:54 (UTC)
Re: OpenID 2.0
Huh! I thought that fact that people can use DW with an OpenID account meant it did. Live and learn.
26th Apr, 2009 12:18 (UTC)
Re: OpenID 2.0
Note that LJ will let me bookmark your comment but Dreamwidth cannot.

Where's this feature in LJ? I was of the impression that the best you could do was add a post to your memories.

[edit: Sorry, should have mentioned, I'm just a random commenter from Google. Hi.]

Edited at 2009-04-26 12:19 (UTC)
26th Apr, 2009 21:03 (UTC)
Re: OpenID 2.0
I was referring to the "Link" option just below a reply, which lets us zoom in on a particular reply. (like this one. Without it, I could only reference the page that my comments were on. You would then have to scroll down to find it.
26th Apr, 2009 21:33 (UTC)
Re: OpenID 2.0
If I were to guess at why there's no "Link" option in most styles, it's probably because "Thread" does exactly the same thing as "Link" on LJ, and so one was probably removed. In fact, "Thread" is even better because it keeps the ?style=mine , if you used it. In other words, use the "Thread" link to bookmark.

I'll ask about it, though.
26th Apr, 2009 17:22 (UTC)
LJ does what I want it to, and I've no time or patience to go moving my two journals anywhere else. So I'll still be here.
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