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CORC MTB Skills Clinic

CORC runs these skills clinics for veterans like me. It was held at Forest Park, Stromlo. The work that has been done there is truly astounding. There was about fifty people, and half a dozen instructors. We were broken into small groups. My instructor turned out to be the Australian women's downhill champion.

Spent the day taking tight turns, berms, riding over see-saws and down stairs. I still can't jump or bunny hop properly. Also spent some time riding the red and blue tracks, which was fun. And rode the 4X course, which I had never considered doing. About an hour in, someone in another group went over the handlebars and was hauled away in a waiting ambulance. Curiously, this bothered no one. Some people in my group fell off and copped a few scrapes and bruises, but all I got was a touch of sunburn on my forearms.

I have a lot to work on.