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Meme: Which science fiction writer am I?

Gacked from steverogerson

I am:
David Brin
Bestselling producer of impossible-to-put-down epic adventures in a far-flung future.

Which science fiction writer are you?



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18th Mar, 2009 20:31 (UTC)
How well do you think that fits?

I, apparently, and Ursula LeGuin, which I thought was rather appropriate. ;-)
18th Mar, 2009 20:50 (UTC)
I think that fits quite well
18th Mar, 2009 20:53 (UTC)
I got Stanislav Lem, whom I've never read.
19th Mar, 2009 13:02 (UTC)
I was very much afraid I'd draw Jerry Pournelle...
19th Mar, 2009 08:26 (UTC)
I got Hal Clement. Never read anything by him, so can't comment.
19th Mar, 2009 13:01 (UTC)
I've certainly read David Brin. I used to like his work a lot but it has ballooned in size in recent times and now he publishes airport novels. Don't know what he's like personally though.
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