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Went to see Wicked, a charming musical inversion of the Wizard of Oz playing on the conventions of the teen age drama. In this version the wicked witches are a wheelchair-bound cripple and a talented but misunderstood girl who happens to be green.

There was special applause for the Wizard of Oz, played in this version by Melbourne celebrity Bert Newton.


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29th Dec, 2008 23:03 (UTC)
I've read the book and am dying to see the musical! How did you like the musical?
30th Dec, 2008 04:20 (UTC)
I really liked it. It had a superb set that made a lot of use of wires, lighting and animatronics. The script was clever, inventive and witty. The dancing and choreography was first rate. The music itself was good but lacking a really killer song that you'd play on the radio. In many ways it was more like a movie soundtrack, with each character having a musical motif.
29th Dec, 2008 23:21 (UTC)
Oh, I'd heard about that musical - sounded interesting :)
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