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Newspaper clipping

Front page of the Canberra Times carries a pic of an angry looking Professor Catharine Lumby. Lumby, 42, professor of media and cultural studies at the University of Sydney, met with National Rugby League head, David Gallop. With the help of Mr Gallop and the members of league's welfare committee, Professor Lumby plans to transform rugby league culture, which is accused of encouraging sexual violence towards women. She dealt with reporters asking her whether she approves of group sex, saying: "Group sex is a symptom, the disease is misogynistic attitudes towards women." Where is Catherine Millet when you need her?

Elsewhere on the front page, the Prime Miniature is wants to override our ACT government. For those unfamiliar with the Federal System, we have multiple levels of government, each with its own responsibilities. The ACT government has upset the him greatly by allowing gay couples to adopt their own children. Recently there has been a lot of overriding ACT law by the Commonwealth:
  • Euthanasia (1996): Federal government legislated to prevent The ACT government legislating on euthanasia (as the NT government recently had).
  • Heroin (2002): PM threatened to legislate is free heroin handouts went ahead.
  • Gunghalin Drive Extension (2003): Federal Government changed the planned route of the road to move it further away from the National Institute of Sport.
  • Rural Villages (2003): Federal Government warned it may not give consent to rebuild rural villages destroyed by 2003 bushfire.
  • Citizenship (2004): Chief Minister Jon Stanhope banned from citizenship ceremonies over “political” comments made at Australia Day ceremony.
  • Same Sex Adoption (2004): Flak Jacket opposes rights of gay couples to adopt their own children, announces intention to override law.
  • Bill of Rights (2004). Writes to Chief Minister expressing displeasure at notion of human rights legislation.
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