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The Last Act

Singles, lesbians win fertility rights

It may be recalled that the courts gutted most of this legislation as being contrary to the provisions of the Sex Discrimination Act that forbid discrimination on the basis of marital status. Now it has finally been amended. Ironically, the biggest beneficiaries may be married couples.



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8th Dec, 2008 00:32 (UTC)
Dear Friend:

I posted this elsewhere, including a community we're both members of, but I wanted to bring it directly to your attention because I think you might know something about it, so, there you go:

My question is for anyone here who has knowledge of South Pacific politics, particularly as they relate to Australia, the Solomon Islands, and China/Taiwan.

The Solomon Islands are a small country just north of Australia. In 1999, a civil war started; in 2003, the Australians intervened, in what was called "Operation Helpem Fren" or "RAMSI: Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands," and they have been rebuilding that country ever since. In 2006, citizens rioted after a candidate won an election, because the citizens believed that he was a tool for Taiwan. "China and Taiwan have long battled for diplomatic recognition from South Pacific nations."

What I want to know, most specifically, is this:

why do the Solomon Islands matter so much to Australia that they would spend hundreds of millions of dollars to help it economically and stabilize its government? Why do Taiwan/China court it?
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