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San Francisco

Long air flight brings me to California.

Went to see the new Academy of Science and Planetarium. Ridiculously overcrowded. Fortunately, Americans like standing in lines. Managed to see the Planetarium show in the end though.

Lots of Obama bumper stickers and T shirts and memorabilia in evidence but no McCain stuff. The TV is chock full of political ads - but not for Obama or McCain. They are all for these "propositions". Particularly controversial apparently are 2,5,7,8, and H.


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3rd Nov, 2008 16:46 (UTC)
The proposition stuff is why I'm happy I live in Illinois and not California.

Where are you off to next?
4th Nov, 2008 01:28 (UTC)
Atlanta. With a brief stopover in Chicago.
4th Nov, 2008 01:49 (UTC)
How brief is your Chicago stop over? And ick. Atlanta. :-P
7th Nov, 2008 02:43 (UTC)
VERY brief. Only about an hour.
7th Nov, 2008 04:19 (UTC)
Ick. Not long and good luck making that connection. :/
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