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More comments on the current situation

Sometimes Victor Davis Hanson has insights. This is very disturbing.

"The blame game goes on and on. But so far no one seems willing to tell the American people the truth: It is not just "they," but we, the people, who have recklessly borrowed to spend what we haven't yet earned."

It’s the Debt, Stupid


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29th Oct, 2008 21:25 (UTC)
It's the Debt, Stupid
Clearly, this man has not talked with John Q. Public in quite a while. Although many people, even heaven forfend, Glenn Beck on CNN, will tell Americans that they spend too much, no one is going to get elected telling them that. Remember Carter? He got voted out of office firstly for bothcing the entire hostage crisis, but his second sin was to tell the American people that they should turn down their thermostats and buy some sweaters. Reagan's rallying cry was, "He's weak, and he thinks we're weak. Elect me, I'll allow you to deficit spend all you want. I'll make you feel good about being an American (even if there's no reason to) and we have a new name for this--trickle down economics."

Sometimes it's very sad to have a good memory...
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