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Yes, I am a Bitter Crank

Weather is cold today, about 10C with a biting wind. Hope the people who bitched about the heat are really happy.

Annual bonuses paid out today. I have mine paid into the super fund as salary sacrifice. This is because (1) I don't need the money (2) it attracts less tax. It would also be a big help if the fund didn't just piss it up against a wall like they did last year and the year before. And World's Worst Treasurer takes almost the same cut as the top tax bracket – a whopping 40%, when you include his stupid surcharge. He says that he intends to work until after he's 65. I say we give the pompous prick the bum's rush at the next election.

Geoff has achieved the Australian businessman's dream – the company is being taken over by the Americans. See here for details. I don't know what this means yet.

Episodes of Angel arrived in the mail today. On DVD, but they seem to be okay. Now I guess I'll have to buy a DVD burner. Bummer about the series folding. A year or two ago, I wouldn't have cared. Now Angel is going, Sex in the City, is gone, and there isn't a thing on the box. I did so want to see Carrie wind up with Big. Will see if I can trade Angel for The L Word with Gabby.

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