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Iron Man

This movie was quite unexpectedly great! I was a big fan of the golden avenger when I was a kid, back in the days when he shared Tales of Suspense with Captain America. Part of the movie follows Tales of Suspense #39 fairly closely. Much else is alluded to in the background - clearly written by someone who's read a few issues. Only the comic book fans will note Happy Hogan, for example, or how much Tony Stark drinks.

Gwyneth Paltrow plays a fabulous Pepper Potts! She looks the part, she sounds the part (one line early on still rings through my head), and she acts the part. Also she wears very high heels indeed. She portrays Pepper's courage, grit, unswerving loyalty to her boss, caustic sense of humour, and sizzling sexuality. Of course considerable credit goes to a script that never wastes a word or a scene, even when it appears that it is just going for laughs. And there was a lot of laughs. This is a really funny film that had its audience in stitches at several points.

Yet Gwyneth is overshadowed by Robert Downey Jr, who was apparently born to play Tony Stark. How much he needs to act is a good point, but act he does, captivating and entertaining us at every turn on a script that has him switching from funny to serious in rapid succession without dropping out of character. The result is a truly well-rounded and somehow believable Tony Stark. We do not doubt that we are looking at a millionaire genius.
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