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Anzac Day 2008

Went to a book launch at the Officer's Mess at ADFA for Phillip Bradley's Battle of Wau. He's working his way through the campaign in New Guinea battle by battle.

For the clueless, a book launch involves free beer and nibblies, some speeches by the publisher and author, and discounted autographed copies of the book. It's also a good opportunity to catch up with other authors, such as Ian Kuring ("Redcoats to Cammies"). He suggested calling my book "Pogues". [An Army joke. Non-Army types might want to look it up.] He also suggested that a book on amphibious warfare from an Australian point of view (based on the paper I gave which how now been published by the Sea Power Centre). This is a very good idea which I might pursue at some point. But one book at a time. David Horner was apologetic about turning down my book. But it is his judgement that the book was not commercial and I cannot fault him for that.

The Chief of Army - still LTGEN Peter Leahy - gave the keynote speech. He made special; mention of how the book detailed the battle not just from the Army point of view, but incorporated information about the key role played by the RAAF and USAAF (which may indicate a desire to9 mend fences with the blue suits).