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Meme: Am I a feminist?

Gacked from communicator

Your Score: The Basic Feminist

You are 75% on your way to being a Feminist!

You're a Feminist! Congratulations!

You have a good idea of what sexism is, how to avoid it, and how to stand up for women and/or yourself. You might have read some basic Feminist literature or thought in passing, and thought that it was pretty good. Sometimes you baulk a little at overtly identifying yourself as a Feminist due to the negative stigma. Don't be ashamed of being right! Just keep on doing what you're doing and exploring more ways to treat everyone with respect because of their humanity, not their parts, and you're helping to fix the problem!

All Results:
The Wife Beater
The Antifeminist
The Traditionalist
The Egalitarian
The Basic Feminist
The True Feminist

Link: The Feminist Test written by proudfeminist on OkCupid Free Online Dating, home of the The Dating Persona Test
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11th Apr, 2008 08:28 (UTC)
I scored in the same category with 81%.

As with a lot of tests, I sometimes felt as if I was humoring the author. I was ready to get seriously annoyed at the end when, after all the "You're done!" razzle-dazzle, they expected me to invent a username and sign up for their site.
12th Apr, 2008 20:38 (UTC)
So I did sign up for the site just to get my results -- and canceled my account a few minutes later.

Today an ad for another quiz site opened in a full-screen window while I was at a completely unrelated site. I found cookies (somewhat similar-looking platefuls) for both sites, deleted them, and blocked the ones for the new site (quizrocket). I'm guessing that these sites, if not actually in cahoots, may be going after each other's members.
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