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Email Delivery Isn't

The Tuesday Night crowd were complaining that emails to my account at metva were being returned by the Spam filter. That's okay; it's supposed to do that. If it finds anything sus in a mail it returns it to the sender with a special token in it. All they have to do is reply and the mail will be delivered.

I want to use metva rather than the other account because I've known Enno since the 4th grade and therefore metva will not disappear, whereas the other one might. The account that I have been using for over five years disappeared at Christmas, because my ISP couldn't be bothered keeping the account going. This required changes to web pages and mailing lists and what not to move addresses. An enormous pain. (I still haven't got their refund cheque. They asked for my bank account number so they could direct deposit. As if.)

So too is Spam. It now accounts for some 60% of all email; it is estimated that next year it will be 80%. At that level I can't see it not going all the way and killing off email entirely, which is very bad news for me because I don't have broadband and so web access will gradually disappear as well. Metva needs to have strong anti-Spam security. The Spam daemon flags morons like CentreLink who want to put Spammy advertisements and URLs at the bottom of the mail. Their own Spam Daemon rejects their email.

Anyhow, I got all frustrated and rang Enno and left a message on his machine asking for the Spam daemon to be fixed as mail wasn't getting delivered. I'm not very good with talking to a machine, did I ever mention that? Anyhow, it turns out though that the forwarding mechanism is not, as I assumed, automatic; Enno has to send them on manually. Therefore, they have just piled up in an intray somewhere until he sent them along. Which he did.
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