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Meeting with Editor

Took a first step towards turning the thesis into a book.

It may be recalled from an earlier post that the Army History Unit offered to provide an advance. It's taken two phone calls from the Department of Defence to verify my personal details but they have finally paid me my $2,000 advance.

Australian Military History Publications has agreed to publish the thesis.

I have been assigned an editor called Cathy, so I went out to see her. She lives in Jerrabomberra, NSW, which isn't too far away. In a two-storey house with a swimming pool and a huge rainwater tank and an expansive view of Canberra in the distance, along with her husband, kids and cats. (Is this what the Australian dream has come to?)

Cathy seemed impressed with my ability to spell and occasionally to punctuate. She was happy with my writing style, although I felt that the new thesis was stilted compared with the old as a result of word restrictions, which no longer exist. The document will be in MS Word rather than LaTex.

We'll get together again later. With any luck, I will have something to show by then.
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