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New Galleries at the War Memorial

The War Memorial at last opened the new Post 1945 galleries last weekend. They are very impressive. The Korean War now at last has a gallery to be proud of. It had its own room for many years but it never looked much good. Expansion of the WWII galleries led to it being moved downstairs. It now has good displays on the battles of Kapyong and Maryang San.

Between the Korea and Vietnam rooms are workmanlike displays about Malaya and the Confrontation with Indonesia.

Vietnam always had a good display and it is now even better, including an entire Iroquois helicopter with sound and light and wind effects. There is a lot of detail to be absorbed, as the galleries try to be as inclusive as possible. There are good displays on the anti-war movement, while trying not to cover over the bitterness that still persists between some of them and some of the veterans.

The post Vietnam galleries contain a lot of stuff, although they still seem disorganised. The story of the many small conflicts like Cambodia, Somalia, Afghanistan and East Timor is told with each having its own nook. There are lots of artefacts, including a patrol Humvee from Afghanistan, but explanation of the conflicts is weak.

Slide show of the new galleries
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