hawkeye (hawkeye7) wrote,

Why I Don't Like Barack Obama

Barack Obama talks about "change" but the only change he seems to mean is the name of the president.

Back in the day, Ronald Reagan made a whole career out of telling people what they wanted to hear rather than what they needed to know. Obama follows in this tradition. What is required is change in Washington. It's all Washington's fault. Or Mexico's. Or Pakistan's. Somebody else's. Not yours anyway. You don't need to change.

In hitting at "Washington", Obama follows in the anti-intellectual footsteps of the George W. Bush. What we need are outsiders - people who don't know what they are doing. Experts are a blight on the system - they know too much. Appoint a lot of cronies and they'll do a heck of a job.

Obama calls for change, not reform. Reform is change in the face of opposition. Reform is hard. Don't want that. Everything is okay. Bring everybody together. America leads the world. Only in America could someone like Obama run for president.

Obama, they say, may not be the best person for the job, but he is electable. Like John Kerry, a virtual clone of George W. Bush. He was more electable than those other candidates that Republicans didn't like. Obama can take on John McCain, the champion of campaign reform, who has made a career out of telling unpleasant and unpalatable truths. It'll be just like Carter versus Reagan.
Tags: america, politics

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