hawkeye (hawkeye7) wrote,

The Long Road to Recovery

The office had a new power supply, an old motherboard and a clapped out but functional 80GB hard disk drive. (The motherboard came from the boss' old machine. Poor guy will now have to suffer the agony of an upgrade to a quad core.) My old ones have gone in for replacement under warranty. When the disk comes back, the data can be copied onto the replacement.

My data was backed up, but not all in one place. Rather, it was scattered over a number of DVDs, hard disks and internet sites. The system and applications were not. Thus, each one needed to be reinstalled. As did the drivers for the printers and the tuner card. Spent all of Sunday afternoon on this. Some products were a real pain. The disks these came with the printers were worthless; all the drivers had to be downloaded off the internet. One product had an expired licence key, and iTunes does not support Windows XP Pro 64 any more (the 64-bit version is for Windows Vista 64.)

I have placed an order for a terabyte network drive to be used as a new backup.
Tags: computers, hardware
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