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Computer is dead

Alison computer is dead. Tested the power supply with multimeter: dead. Replaced it. Still wouldn't start. Hard drive: dead. Motherboard: dead.

Astonishingly, the warranty has not yet expired. However, it could take weeks for replacements to arrive.

So now I am on Jessica again.


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21st Feb, 2008 23:01 (UTC)
Waiting sucks.
22nd Feb, 2008 06:03 (UTC)
What could cause a string of failures like that? I find myself thinking lightning strike -- or some kind of severe voltage regulation failure in the power supply that might fry everything downstream from it.

Not that this necessarily has anything to do with your situation, but maybe 12 years ago we had some kind of electrical accident in my neighborhood. The top of a pole failed and the uppermost (highest-voltage) crossarm fell on the wires directly below it (still high voltage but not quite as high). When I happened by, there were still flames and smoke coming from the wood. By my estimate, all the houses in the vicinity briefly received about 4 times normal voltage. My surge protector (a good one) did its duty, sacrificing itself and blowing the fuse for the circuit it was plugged into. When I opened it up afterwards, the insides looked like charcoal and smelled a lot worse than they looked.

I would think that if something comparable went wrong somewhere downstream from your surge protector -- inside the power supply, for instance -- some of the parts on your motherboard and in your hard drive could quite possibly have gone the way of my surge protector.

Good luck restoring your computer, and may this be the only such incident.
22nd Feb, 2008 08:26 (UTC)
Yes, that's what we think: the power supply failed, causing a surge which wrecked the hard disk and motherboard. The surge protector and other equipment plugged into it were unaffected.
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