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After days of touring, Christmas was traditional, with the family and Christmas lunch. Afterwards, dropped round to my cousin Terry's place. Her daughters Joanne and Christine (who I suppose are also my cousins) used to be a bit older than my nieces but are now about the same age (if that makes any sense) and they get along well together. Christine is a big fan of the Titanic and is preparing a trip to see the shipyard where it was built in Belfast in the UK.

Relatives find me a hard person to buy presents for due to my habit of buying stuff I want. My nieces gave me a Dalek alarm clock and an Amy Winehouse CD. My parents gave me some new cycling shorts and shoes to replace the worn out ones.

I gave mum some chocolate coated ginger (I give her this nearly every year) and a new DVD burner for her desktop to replace the old CD burner (which wasn't working). So now she can burn warez. Also installed McAfee on it.

Went to see The Golden Compass on Boxing Day with my niece Jenette. Both my nieces will be back today for Mum's birthday. My sister and my brother-in-law have gone on holidays, up to Cowra, NSW.

Reanne's VCE score was 59, somewhat below the median score for the state. here's how this is calculated.
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