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American Tourists

Steve and Rhonda have now returned to Seattle. The weather they brought with them remains. We had 40mm of rain yesterday. High winds also brought down a tree in the street outside. Rhonda's claim to be a rain goddess is secure.

Visited many places with them over the last few days.

In Sydney:
  • Sydney Observatory
  • Darling Harbour
  • The Rocks
  • National Maritime Museum
  • Powerhouse Museum

In Canberra:
  • Australian War Memorial
  • Old Parliament House
  • National Portrait Gallery
  • High Court
  • National Gallery
  • National Museum of Australia

In Melbourne:
  • MCG
  • Old Treasury
  • Art Centre
  • National Gallery of Victoria
  • Parliament House

In Canberra, they got to see the acting Prime Minister and five of the seven High Court justices.


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21st Dec, 2007 01:07 (UTC)
Ah, you're in Melbourne! Want to meet up after Christmas?
21st Dec, 2007 04:06 (UTC)
Sure. I have to return on New Year's Day though.
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