hawkeye (hawkeye7) wrote,

Army History Unit

Went to see the Army History Unit about publishing the thesis as a book. The unit is located in the Campbell Offices, which lie down the end of a one-way road that runs along the edge of the Mount Majura reserve. From the ground, it looks like you are in the middle of the bush (which you more or less are). There is roo poo everywhere. The buildings themselves are in that awful concrete style popular in the 1970s. Inside, they are gloomy as a result of a campaign to save on lighting. You have to be signed in of course and there is a turnstile system for entry, giving the place that Early VicRail look.

The unit works through two publishers, Cambridge University Press and Australian Military History Publications. The former is mainly for academic type books, the latter is for Australian military publications.

The unit was interested in publishing the thesis and, surprisingly, the Old Thesis as well. I handed over a copy of the thesis, which will be sent to an editor to evaluate what its commercial prospects are.
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