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Scott 24 Hour Race Pix

Our campsite. Team Captain Mark is on the left, Peter is on the right. My bike is the green and white one on the right. The sign is the team name in Japanese.

Riders assemble on the Criterium for the start of the race.

The race begins. Riders head off down the Criterium on the first Red lap. It takes several minutes for the hundreds of riders to clear the transition area. The ridge line conceals Canberra's suburbs from view.

View of Mount Stromlo from the camp site. The weird stuff at the summit (top right) is the ANU astronomical complex. The scar in the mountain is the downhill course. The green thing is a shipping container used as a bridge. The drop off after it means that you ride through the container with a spectacular view of downtown Canberra, but no idea of where the track is. The coloured dots are riders.



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22nd Oct, 2007 05:51 (UTC)
We had planned to get there to take photos....but never made it. Glad to see your photos.
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