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Which Female Superhero am I?

What female superhero are you???

Emma Frost

You sometimes vary between devious and good. You have the power of telepathy and turning into a diamond substance. Attractive, wealthy, and sometimes a teacher!

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20th Oct, 2007 17:11 (UTC)
I'm Wonder Woman...yeah, right.
20th Oct, 2007 23:28 (UTC)
You are a Wonder Woman!
2nd Nov, 2007 07:57 (UTC)
What female superhero am I
It's Rhonda.
Believe it or not, who the hell is Emma Frost? I ended up with Jean Grey (isn't she in the X-Men, or am I confused)?

Anyway, I wanted to say hi, I have questions to ask you, but your @#$#$&^$%$ metva and interact accounts keep bouncing, even with no attachments and messages less than 5K in size.

Give me a yell at the regular address.

As ever,
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