hawkeye (hawkeye7) wrote,

Stromlo Forest Park

Cycled the new XC course at Stromlo Forest Park. Well we have Mount Stromlo and the park. I dunno about the forest part though.

It's amazing what you can still get for $6 million bucks. The XC course is pretty good. There's also facilities for the horsies, a blacktop track for road bikes, a veritable mountain of dirt for the Mountain Cross riders, even a water course for triathletes. Oh and then there's the DH folks. Saw the DH-ers hop into a couple of midi buses towing trailers with their DH bikes in them up to the top of Mount Stromlo where the observatory used to be. We rode our bikes up there and watched them don their motorcycle helmets and take off down the double black diamond DH course.
Tags: cycling

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