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Me Meme

I am interviewed by morgan_dhu

1. When and why did you first become interested in military history?
When I was really little I was fascinated by a Dr Who episode called The War Games that was set in the Great War period. My mother bought me a book on the Great War for Christmas. From then on I regularly purchased and read military books. I didn't have much interest in Australian Military History until high school, when I found C. E. W. Bean's history of the Great War in the school library.

2. How will you feel about being addressed as Doctor hawkeye7?
Pretty good actually. There's still a bit of work left to do but over all I'm really pleased at how things have turned out. I now a few people who attempted doctorates but I'm the first one to actually achieve it.

3. Now that I've become a pirate and can download almost anything I want to, should I watch Blake's 7? Do you think I would enjoy it, and if so, why?
This is the greatest sci-fi series of all time. True, its budget and special effects were laughable. But it made up for it with plot, characterisation and inventiveness. It's also very very un- (or even anti-) trek. Sci Fi for folks who need Prozac.

If you can play Zone 4 PAL I can mail you a box set.

4. What do you read when you're not reading military history and related non-fiction subjects or Harry Potter?
Terry Pratchett. Linda Jaivin. Claire McNab's Carol Ashton and Denise Cleaver mysteries. Lindsay Davis' Falco series. Crime fiction by Linda Fairstein.

5. What is (are) the coolest thing(s) about being Australian?
Living in Australia! Especially the capital, here in Canberra, one of the world's most beautiful and liveable cities.



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15th Aug, 2007 22:38 (UTC)
16th Aug, 2007 23:00 (UTC)
Into the flash of lightning, star-riders are hurled,
see them bumping and grinding, bareback on the wheels of the world.

I am posting this lyric from the Horslips song The Power and the Glory just to let you know that, so that, should you wish to, you are free to interview me back. It only seems fair, after all.

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