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Created a Wikipedia article on the Rupert Downes on the weekend. I was asked to nominate it for the "Did You Know?" page but couldn't think of a hook line.

With the US dollar plummetting toward oblivion, I have tried to help by looting purchasing rare military tomes.

New on shelf are:

  • Sixth Army Report on the Luzon Campaign, Volume I: Reports on Operations
  • Sixth Army Report on the Luzon Campaign, Volume III: Reports of the Genertal and Special Staff Sections
  • Eighth Army Ordnance Section History

On oder:

  • Los Alamos Waacs-Wacs: World War II 1943-1946
  • Neuropsychiatry in World War II - Volume I: Zone of the Interior
  • United States Army in World War II The War Department Chief of Staff: Pre-war Plans and Preparations


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29th Jun, 2007 15:25 (UTC)
Oh, I've been meaning to say... I live ten minutes' walk from a large and eclectically stocked second-hand bookshop. If there's any out of print stuff you would like me to rummage for...
3rd Jul, 2007 21:45 (UTC)

Thankyou for this kind offer. What I'd like you to look for is certain Green Books -- the US Army in WWII series -- that I still haven't got. There are a lot of them and I do ave most of them. I also like the ones that are actually hard covered and green so they look good on the shelves :)

  • The Mediterraneans Theater of Operations: Northwest Africa: Seizing the Initiative in the West
  • The Mediterraneans Theater of Operations: Casino To the Alps
  • The European Theater of Operations: Breakout and Pursuit
  • The Middle East Theater: The Persian Corridor and Aid to Russia
  • The Medical Department: Hospitalization and Evacuation, Zone of Interior
  • The Medical Department: Medical Service in the European Theater of Operations
  • The Medical Department: Medical Service in the Mediterranean and Minor Theaters

Also, let me know if they have any of the chocolate coloured medical volumes very rare). I have some already, and don't want them all, but there are still a few I'd like...

20th Jul, 2007 03:01 (UTC)
Got down there today, and while I'm slightly handicapped by not knowing what they look like, as far as I could tell they didn't have any in. But the online store has different stock, so you might want to have a rummage through there:

I wandered over to LibraryThing in the hope that someone might have put up thumbnails of some of the covers, and no such luck, but it turned up a couple of copies on AbeBooks, and a full search there on the series shows some of the titles you're interested in, in a green cloth binding.
20th Jul, 2007 09:04 (UTC)
Oops sorry.

Here's a picture of my bookshelves:


The Green Books are the green books on the right. (You can zoom in.)

Thanks muchly.
20th Jul, 2007 20:22 (UTC)
Thanks. I thought from your original description they'd look something like that, but I didn't see anything along those lines. But I'll keep an eye out when I'm in there -- they had a reasonable selection of military books, so it's obviously something they'd stock if one came their way.
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