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Comic Book of the Month

Is probably the Comic Book of the Year: Fun Home: A Family Tragicomic by Alison Bechdel ("Dykes to Watch Out For"). My copy arrived the other other day and I was blown away by this biographical/autobiographical account of a daughter's relationship with her father.

This is an extremely literate work. As I read the first pages, I thought that all the literary allusions were a little pretentious (keep a dictionary handy - you'll need it) but it soon became apparent that I was being drawn into the subject's life as an English teacher. The narrative is non-linear and builds to its powerful conclusion like a jigsaw puzzle that always has a few pieces missing.

I quickly found out that this was not just my opinion. Fun House has garnered Alison three Eisner Award nominations - for Best Reality-Based Work, Best Graphic Novel, and Best Writer/Artist. (The winners will announced declared on 27 July.) The book has made the best seller lists and was the first comic book to head TIME magazine's Best Books of the Year list.

Review in the New York Times.
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